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(O)yeah mold on my dried sausage!

We often get the question; ”is the sausage still edible with the mold on it?” The answer to this is yes, definitely. In fact; the mold gives the sausage a nice covering, and provides a huge aroma and flavor boost! In addition, the mold has many other functions. The mold helps with the maturing process of the sausage; it prevents the oxidation of the fat, and increases the pH by making ammonia. We are also often asked if the sausages are still edible when there is a gray mold on them that looks ”hairy”. The answer to that too is; yes, absolutely. You can carefully brush off the mold with a piece of kitchen paper or a brush. So don’t worry; we only deliver sausages that are fresh, and the mold is perfectly normal!

Here is some more information about the mold, because how does the mold actually form on the sausage? The skin on the sausages is usually made of pork, lamb, or beef intestine. The sausages all go into a mold bath before they are hung out to dry. They then go into the fermentation chamber until they are fully ripe and thus a white layer is formed around the sausage. It is this process that gives the sausage its typical taste.

We also often get the question: can you eat the skin or is it better not to? After all, they are fungi…. Here is finally the redeeming answer; you can definitely eat the skin. Especially if you like a stronger flavor, because this layer provides it. If you like a more subtle taste, you can always remove it.

Did you know that some manufacturers mimic the white layer with rice flour? This is of course not the intention, so always pay attention to where the sausage comes from!



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