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All sausages cost €5,- each. 3 pieces for €14,-

The sausages have a minimum shelf life of 2 months.

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From: 19,99 every 2 months
Droge worst abonnement, subscription, maandelijks worsten

19,95 on the last day of each month and a 0,01 sign-up fee
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Borrelbox abonnement, abonnement groot

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Buying French sausage at Monsieur Saucisson

With French sausage the adventure began. Monsieur Saucisson is the specialist in French sausage and Spanish Fuet. In our assortment you will find more than 35 different dried sausages. For example French sausage with blue cheese but also dry sausage with kangaroo. Or a Spanish sausage, called fuet with different flavours like fuet with garlic or fuet with truffle.  Besides the possibility to buy sausages in our webshop, you can also find us in the Markthal and the Mall of The Netherlands . All in all, you can buy the most delicious French sausage or charcuterie with us!

Order your French sausage at Monsieur Saucisson!

Our wide range offers you all kinds of dried French sausages. We understand that it can be difficult to choose from all our dry sausages. That’s why at Monsieur Saucisson you can choose from a drinks package with different French sausages or Spanish sausages. This way you can order a gift package or a homeware package. Get to know all kinds of different dried sausages. Would you rather buy a French sausage separately? For only €5 you can buy one of the many dried sausages from our assortment. 3 dry sausages is only €14,-. Mixing the French and Spanish dry sausages is no problem!

The tastiest dried sausages

At Monsieur Saucisson you have a wide choice of French sausages and Spanish sausages. Of course you can choose to eat a dried sausage with drinks, but also during breakfast, brunch and dinner. For example, a garlic sausage on the pizza! Or a chorizo in the pasta. When you are going to buy dried sausage, you can keep it at least 2 months. Preferably store the French sausage in a dark and dry place. We also advise you to store the dry French sausage outside the refrigerator.

Advantages of the dry French sausage from Monsieur Saucisson

When you want to buy dry sausage you are at the right place at Monsieur Saucisson. You will benefit from a fast delivery. For example, when you order a Spanish sausage before 14:00, we will ship the dried sausage the same day. Always fresh, because we import our dried sausages directly from France & Spain every week. With more than 30 different dry types we always provide a surprising taste. The taste of holidays!


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