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What would Monsieur Saucisson do?

We at Monsieur Saucisson are known for our delicious dried meats. Often we get the question; ”How would Monsieur Saucisson put together a drinks board?” We thought we should write a blog about that! In this article we give tips on how to create an appetizer board and how you can decorate it. Are you curious? Then read on!

Snackboard, cheeseboard, charcuterie board, there are so many different types and we understand that you sometimes find it difficult to find the best way to put together. We give our expertise and opinion on the most delicious board!

The first question we often ask our customers is; ”When do you want to make this board for?” Is it as an appetizer when acquaintances come over for dinner, and the main course still follows, or do you want to put together a board that you can eat all evening?

As an appetizer; We can imagine that with this option you would like to go for a lighter board with lighter products. Our dried sausage with figs fits very well with this option. This is a lighter sausage with a sweetish aftertaste. This is super tasty in combination with a salty ham. Try the one with Provencal herbs. Cut the ham into thin slices, this way you can taste the delicious flavor, without getting very full.

As an appetizer; Friends are coming over for dinner and you do not want to spend the whole evening in the kitchen. The perfect solution; a snack board! You can eat all evening, and at the end of the evening you will be completely satiated. For this board, choose our cheese sausages. These sausages contain a high percentage of cheese which makes it nice and filling. This in combination with a fuet with pepper and a saucisson with curry is not only super delicious, but also looks super cozy and cheerful! Add a tasty terrine and some saltines and enjoy!

We are experts in the field of drinks and love to make a drinks board. Therefore we have some tips for you to make your borrelplank a party. We are real fans of crackers. Not only delicious with different dips, but also with a slice of our ham on it. We also make sure that we decorate the board with some grapes. This looks cozy, but is also refreshing next to the salty meats. Add some jam or marmalade and you’re ready to go!

Would you like to complement the drinks board with other products as well? Then choose a light cheese like brie. Very tasty with our meats, but also on a crackers with jam. In addition to this board, make a simple salad with burrata and tomatoes. Some balsamic dressing on top and voilà! Nice and refreshing next to the snack platter.



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